Free CBPR Course

A FREE downloadable course intended to be an introduction to CBPR for people who are in early stages of using or considering using CBPR. Offered by the Michican Public Health Training Center.

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CBPR Skill Building Curriculum

A FREE downloadable curriculum provided by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health. It is available for institutions and community partnerships to use as a tool for a CBPR approach to improving health.

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Community Research Utilities and Support (CORUS)

CORUS (previously CTSA2Community) is a platform for finding and sharing tools for community engaged research (CER), aims to strengthen the activities of community engaged research programs and their partners by building a robust database of best practices.

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Guidelines for Community-Based Research

Available as a PDF, the University of Utah Guidelines for Community-Based Research Partnerships provides an orientation to university researchers and community members who wish to form partnerships for community based research (CBR).

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Community-Based Research Report

A 2007 University of Utah report on Facilitating Mutually Beneficial Community-Based Research is available in a downloadable PDF.

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CBPR IRB Alternative

The 2007 study by Sarah Flicker and colleagues found that institution-based institutional review board (IRB) application forms and guidelines overwhelmingly operate within a biomedical framework that rarely takes into account common community-based participatory research (CBPR) experience, and they proposed alternative IRB questions and procedures.

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Measuring Community Participation

An abstract paper in the Health Education and Behavior journal found on Sage Publications, published online October 4, 2012 before it was published in print. It is a collaboration of scholars illustrating how the simple scores offered by the three-model approach differentiate in complexity when measuring community participation in research.

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LLUH Faculty and Staff

LLUH faculty and staff wanting to do research or engage the San Bernardino City Unified School District need to submit the application below to the Institute of Community Partnerships.

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