Throughout its 100 year history, the academic and clinical communities of Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) have been concerned about their local community. This concern resulted in various initiatives to improve the health and well being of many families and individuals. These initiatives came from both the Medical Center and the University, from clinical staff and hospital departments as well as from faculty, students, and staff of the University. These programs and events kept with the motto of LLUH “To Make Man Whole” and exemplified a commitment to continuing the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Through the years, many good ideas were launched, but only a few survived the inevitable transitions of personnel and funding. Of even more concern was the uneven application of these programs and their relative ineffectiveness through the years to significantly impact the local community.

Thus, the Institute for Community Partnerships (ICP) was created, under President Richard Hart’s vision, to make LLUH’s community engagement meaningful, coordinated, and strategic. The Institute for Community Partnerships:

  • Seeks to work "with" the community rather than "in" the community.

  • Strives to better understand and address the needs of the community while recognizing and capitalizing on its assets.

  • Seeks to integrate services from research to teaching through community-based participation and service-based learning.

  • Provides a supporting and coordinating role across the various schools and the Medical Center.

  • Promotes and supports service-learning activities that are an essential component of our Mission ­Focused Learning environment, as well as the many Community Health Development initiatives of the Medical Center.